Four Words.

Three words, eight letters…I Love You,
Add another and you could have a brand new view,
Opened new light to your whole situation.

Deceiving and quite possibly confusing,
Never knowing if it holds truth or lies.
Do you ever really know if they hold their meaning when spoken out loud?

The value to each sentence can swap in polar motions upon use,
Scientifically, realistically and everything in life must have its opposite.
One positive…one negative,
One truth…one lie,
You can never really tell which is reality and which is a fantasy,
Only if you dig deep and straight into the core.

Deluded, destructive and deceiving,
Sentimental, cherished and valued,
I Love You too….I don’t love you.
Four words, scarred to the mind.
♠ ♠ ♠
This poem encapsulates the mind of when a person swaps the meaning to the phrase “I Love You” with one word added. During a difficult time with my partner, “I love you too” switched to “I don’t love you” within the matter of a week and messed with the mind. I could never find the best outlet to channel these feelings so I wrote them down.