Tears streaming as I look to the sky
Tattered wings please take me high
My heart aches, my veins on fire
Broken wings just take me higher
Body cold with a broken dream
My life is ripping at the seams
Black angel wings upon my back
Take me from all these things I lack
All the scars upon my skin
Shower me with pain again
Vision hazy but ever flying
Trying to escape how my soul is dying
So much damage on my heart
Know I'm just falling apart
This darkness set behind my eyes
Jaded from all my fucked up tries
Hope is just a distant thing
I'm ever chasing with these wings
It won't be long until I fall
Crashing down from the weight of it all
Still I try and still I fail
Straying farther from the trail
The road to follow forever lost
As my heart turns to frost
Still, my blood is boiling hot
From these battles I have fought
Fight and fight but always lose
This wasn't what I wanted to choose
Pushed and pushed further away
My wings hide me from the light of day
Still I soar up towards the moon
I know my time is coming soon
A kamikaze ready to die
But die for nothing but a lie
Dress me like my wings: in black
From this mission I'm not coming back