Standing at a crossroads
Unsure of how to choose
Holding my beating heart
Bloody, battered, and bruised
My mind is always so hazy
I can't see through the sun
I want to find an escape
I want to turn and run
But which way did I come from?
Which way should I go?
My soul is tumultuous like the sea
I can't go with the flow
The riptides pull me under
I'm drowning in the storm
The ocean of my mind
Engulfed in the swarm
The moon tries to calm me
With its soft and gentle light
But, like the ocean,
I just put up a fight
My row boat is crumbling
It's losing to the waves
It seems that my own mind
Will just become my grave
But there's no rest for the wicked
I'll just become a ghost
Wandering these waters
Searching for calm coast
But there's no such thing as land
Just this watery expanse
Calling me like the siren's song
Into a deadly trance
My rowboat hits the rocks
I sink into the abyss
Wondering since my time has come
If I'll even be missed
I hope it won't be noticed
I hope I'll just disappear
I pray to whatever will hear me
That no one will shed a tear
Not for someone as low as me
One of unworthy of the light
I sink deeper down
The water blacker than night