Strong Hands

They looked like strong hands
and they held the weight of the world.
Stained from talent and exhaustion;
I never took the time to see them.

You only want to give your children a better life,
And I took it for granted.
Wasted too many years on misery and rebellion.
I didn't care for the sadness in those eyes.

They looked like strong hands
and they held a family together.
Sitting on shoulders, looking out to the world.
If only we could be small again.

You only want to see your children happy,
But I was never home.
Sleeping on lounges and screaming in anger.
What I would give to see you smile again.

They were strong hands
and they looked so alive on that hospital bed.
Still so talented and stained.
But they never gripped my hand back,
no matter how hard I squeezed.
♠ ♠ ♠
It's been 8 years and I still can't shake how I felt when I sat there squeezing your hand, begging you to squeeze back even though I knew you never would.