Hate You, Love You

You shared your secrets
And I shared mine
I thought we'd be friends for a lifetime
Until the day I went away to study
The months went by, and I guess you got lonely
We went from meeting almost every day
To a couple times that year

I missed you so much
And I tried to let it show
But our communication never did flow
Well between rare texts and brief messages

I want you to know
That I never intended to let you go

Things went quiet and I wondered why
But then I realised you were with another guy
I guess he was there to comfort you most
You never reached out to me, guess I missed you most
So I'd reach out to you, but you weren't listening
Treated me like a ghost

Three months pass by, he wants to marry
At first I'm happy and excited for you
But then things turn to travesty
I return and can't wait to see you
We meet up; you're right there all along
But your mind's with him and I begin to wonder, where did I go wrong?
Then I realised that it's not about me

You fell head over heels for that guy
You wanted me to play maid of honour on the biggest day of your life
But where's the honour in reviving a ghost for your own agenda?
No, I couldn't face watching you go after all this time...

Are those thirteen years nothing to you now?
I gave you my all, but I guess it just wasn't enough
I want you to know that they meant the world to me
I guess our friendship just wasn't meant to be

Once my merciful light through the darkness
You got me thinking: was it you or me who left so heartlessly?
Well I guess we're both to blame
Sometimes I wish we never ended, it's such a shame

Because sometimes, just sometimes, I stop to wonder
What the hell to do without you.
♠ ♠ ♠