It was the sound of the phone being left on a dead call for too long
The insistent tone relaying nobody was on the other end
It was a crushing weight of a lifetime passing on too soon
Taking with it millions of missed memories
The echo of a name becoming longer each second…

All we wish is to turn back time
Funny how when we were young all we wanted was to turn it forward
What did we know about life

It’s the phone calls that took place
You on the other end crying desperately
So lonely and scared
Screaming on the other end because there was a new monster behind the door
When he gave you a job
When he rented you his apartment
And you wanted to get out
But then he moved in and he kept pushing you
Rewarding you with trips of a lifetime
And after the messy divorce with his ex-wife
You were there for him
But he was never there for you
When you were in pain desperate to just leave this world
He was in pain and would leave with you
And if it ever got to bad
Murder, cremate, suicide.