Epic Poem

Rain falls, lovingly down from the ether
Nothing in the distance, dark
Yet, there is beauty in darkness
Light falls in the rain like little sparks of hope
Serving to illuminate the unseen,
Shed light upon the mysterious, the hopeful
Thee hopelessness of the lost
Find a small hole into a new life
As the rainwater washes over
With all its torrential divinity
Washing away misery
Replaced by love
Turning old into new
And new into beautiful
From slow and dead
Into lively
And wearing away the ground beneath us
Plunging us into yet more darkness
Falling away
All of the hopes and dreams of others
All, realized to be meaningless
As well land on unfamiliar soil
Unhappy memories for all
Degenerate into the air
Our landing is thunderous
As we loose our footing trying to scramble to our feet once more
Wings sprout
As we fly back into nothing
On the backset of darkness
We take flight for the first time
Into our new pleasant lives
Yet always flapping, struggling to stay aloft
Inspired by the flicks of color falling
In its surreal symphony
Rare as possible
The possibilities of living
Lost yet findable just beyond the search
But cant be found
As we are forever lost
In this world of humanity and hate
Forever lost, but in route to our destination

By: Rylie and Gavin