Never Wake Me Up

Alone once again
I sit and watch as people walk by
A lunch period of boredom
And an hour of depression
No one there by my side
Just me and my sentimental mind.

About to leave my spot
To find something to do
To run away from my pain
There you are
Right in front of me
With a smile on your face
A smile that fights away
All the disappointments
And all the sorrow.

Hand in hand, you show me
That there's nothing to fear
That life's just another ass to kick
Shocking as it may seem
For once, I feel safe and happy
A feeling that's brand new to me.

You tell me that you'll always be there
And that you'll always love me
As I stand and look into your eyes
I feel so happy, yet shocked
Since I've never heard those words
Never been loved.

You say you're not perfection
But that's all I see
You say you're crazy, lazy
And just plain weird
But I don't care
All I want is you.

Feeling too excited to speak
Too joyful to cry
I just stand and stare
You laugh, and I smile
With embarrasment
But you show me that
It's okay to be myself.

Thinking as if this moment
Couldn't get any better
I wake up
And you've disappeared

And never existed.