We cry a lonely tear,
It’s tearing us up inside.
There’s no one to talk to,
Can’t speak my mind.
Too late to say ‘I’m sorry’
Not enough to say you tried,
If we rely on second chances.

If We have no friends
Who are we talking to?
Ourselves in the mirror
Copying what we do.

Sun-dyed hair
Gorgeous tan
Sparkling eyes
Diamonds on finger, ears, neck.
The love of your life.
Is it not just perfectly blissful?
We’re not the only ones with problems.
Another day to live
With money or without
Are we just the hypocrites?
Or does jealousy rule our lives?
Us, with our emo hair,
Them with their perfect hair.
Us with our band tees
Them with their designer clothing.
We Self-harm
They act bitchy
One way to see it, pessimism.
Another way, optimism.
How we long for it all.
Just the scum under their shoe
Lifelong friends don’t matter
It’s the boys that count.
Drugs= money.
Money= drugs.

Sisters under the skin?
Brothers under the light?
Life’s not always what it seems.