Tomorrow Doesn’t Always Hold Better Days

I don’t know how I feel
How to react
For all of this is coming down hard
Harder than ever.

It’s weird how things went
How badly they’ve become
Because everything seems to be falling
Down and under.

Putting up with words of hate
Doubt takes over
Making me change my mind about everything
Ruining my life.

But that’s not the least bit of trouble
Least bit of worry
It’s when I think about you
My mind crashes.

I know I won’t see you until the time is right
Until I find my way
But you’re a huge obstacle that I can barely overcome
Without hurting myself.

I’ve realized now that life goes on
Even though it’s hard
I have to continue down this long path
And never stop.

It’s hard to wake up
Knowing that things haven’t changed
I can’t take all of this anymore
It’s taken over.

I’m scared to continue life
To grow up
If everything is like this now
Just imagine then.