A Sticky Tangle

I can’t feel your touch.
You’ve left me alone.
I’m not asking for much.
That, I have shown.

Yet you disappear again
And lock yourself inside.
I cannot take the pain
Though I’ve numerously tried.

I am tired and falling apart.
My skin is dreadfully pale.
They say this is the hardest part
And I know I’m going to fail.

My heart has been crystallized
And you’re holding it in the air.
You just push my feelings aside
And I have no chance to prepare.

The damage you did upon me
Left scars of prominent red.
Though I know you’ll resign my plea,
I deny the creeping dread.

I am hopelessly lost
In such a sticky tangle.
Your eyes fill me with a frost
That’s just dieing to strangle.

I’ve written on many pages
Expressing my love for you.
Though it’s taken many ages
I’m no where near through.

I’ll continue to write
Even if you don’t reply.
I’ll sit in my candlelight
Infinitely wondering why.