The Boy With No Skin

There once was a boy with no skin
It's the strangest thing you would have ever seen

He was a boy just like any other
But his strange body had no cover

Most of the children would be scared
And all the others just stood and stared

The skinless boy grew up and went to school
None of the other kids thought he was cool

He met a girl that made his heart swell
He went over and asked her if she felt it as well

She looked at him with the biggest shock face
"NO way!" she said with disgrace

"I wouldn't date you if you were the last boy on earth"
But he knew that his heart was hers

He ripped his heart out of his chest immediately
And gave her his heart quite literally

The young girl let out a loud scream
It was something she had never before seen

He had his beating heart in his hand
For a few minutes he would stand

Then he collapsed on the ground
Everyone stood all around

The heart in his hand stopped beating
And for the first time the skinless boy started bleeding

He bled from every part of his body
The floor got all bloody

It was the magic of love that kept him alive
Without a love he could not survive

That was the end of the boy with no skin
It was strangest thing you would have ever seen