Why Me?

I'm going through a very hard time
Why can't I escape?

I scream and try to flee
But the darkness just comes after me.

Seeing myself die
In third person
I feel sick
And I want to cry.

The darkness overwhelms
This isn't like the films.

Why must it be me?
I love you
I think I love him too.

I'm a slut
Because I'm crushing
On four boys.

One is too old
One too rude
One I hardly know
The other I never met.

I am confused
And swimming in a sea I can't escape

What if I were to let go?
Just sink?
And let my worries
Just wash away from under my eyes?

Why me?
I'm drowning in an unknown sea
Noone will ever find me.

Reach out your hand
I will reach back to you.

Pull me to the sand
But never release my hand.

The foreign land
Not quite covered in sand
We could together stay
Like this
Next together
To face this world we may.