Questioning Decisions You Regret, and Always Knowing the Answer

What were you thinking when you first saw him?
Oh, wasn't he handsome?
Your heart was racing, wasn't it?

How about when he winked at you, hmm?
And you smiled back, shyly, right?

And when he asked you on a date?
Wasn't it your first date?
Weren't you so excited?

You were holding hands, weren't you?
And then he kissed you on the lips
Right in public?
You two went straight to his house right?

Isn't this a soft mattress?
Isn't his chest so smooth?
Is your heart speeding faster?

Is that his hand, there?
And there?
And here, too?

How was your sleep last night?
Did he drive you home?
Do you remember what happened?
Do you remember what he forget?
You both forgot?

What's that?
It's blue?
What are thinking now?
Hmm? What are you thinking?