When Tape Won't Fix It Anymore

Of all the things he said,
The one that meant the most,
Was when he said he loved her,
And really held her close.

But lately he had said it not,
She began to weep and cry.
She finally asked what's wrong;
The answer made her want to die:

"Nothing in life is going right,
I'm even afraid to love you.
I think we need to take a break,
I need some time, it's true..."

She started crying then and there,
And couldn't believe what he said.
She told him she loved him too much,
And without him she's going to be dead.

Her friends worried as she sank
Into a solitary depression.
She said someday he'd come back
Because he'd made that confession.

He said he promised and she believed,
But cried herself to sleep each night.
She told him she loved him and missed him so...
"Babe, I need time to make this right."

She tried to speak to him one day,
But she soon started to cry.
He stood in shock of the sight,
And she wanted to die.

Her friend told her that it was true:
You can die of a broken heart.
She thought about it and decided,
That's where she would start.

Ten days later the pain wouldn't leave,
And her heart was stretched every way.
She cried and cried and couldn't stop
And she sent him a message to say:

"If I should not b at school tomorrow...
Plz, it wasn't your bad.
Tho I died of a broken heart,
I don't think you'll b 2 sad."

She didn't wake the next morning,
And her mother cried her name.
She shook her up and down,
But the girl remained the same.

Her mother made all the calls;
Told when the service was to be.
She called the boy's parents.
They and their son went to see.

He checked his phone and saw her text.
He bit his lip with grief.
His parents let him go,
The service was very brief.

She loves him to this day,
And they never got off the break.
He was her world and without him,
Her heart was what took the stake.

And she died of a broken heart.