Prince Charming

He says that without you,
He would kill himself.
Yet when you go your separate ways,
He's alive and well.

He says that he loves you,
More than words can say,
But when one thing goes wrong,
He quickly walks away.

He buys you things unneeded,
And expects something in return.
He's thinking something sexy,
You know he's meaning porn.

He says that you're his everything;
He'd pick you over life.
But in reality he'll leave,
And you'll never be his wife.

He thinks his words are sweet,
When really they break hearts.
When you find he means it not,
You'll start to fall apart.

When boys say those lovely things
And you think that you're his world,
Think of all the other girls
Who heard that word for word.

And that is contradictory
To think he says this crap.
Does he really feel this way,
Or is it all a trap?

When you're a girl you have to choose
To believe or leave unbroken.
Most of us like to believe,
Just to hear nice things spoken.

Either way, we girls are royally screwed.