Adhesive Medical Strips

It started something simple,
A fight, nonetheless.
But then another came again,
And now this is a mess.

My friend had told me all the signs,
I told her there's no way,
He wouldn't hurt me, nope,
No matter what you say.

I went home with him that night,
But something wasn't right.
He started screaming at me,
And then another fight.

His words stung deeply,
But the cuts hurt more.
I cried and cried,
While he screamed "Whore!"

I left for home without a word,
He said nothing as I went.
I slept that night , shivering,
Skin stinging in torment.

The next few days were all the same,
But my friend had left my side
Because I told her he treated me well,
And she found out I had lied.

And what has become of me?
I stayed with him forever.
He beats me till I'm broken,
But will I leave him?

Nope, never.