Bioligical Parent, But No Father Of Mine

I'm a failure;
I know that it's true.
But Daddy just try
To walk in my shoes.

I hate myself more than my life.
You hate me too: please don't lie.
I'm a burden of which I can't bear,
You and I both hoped I soon would die.

Please let me tell you
The words I can't say.
Please let me ask,
How else can I beg?

Before I die I want you to know
That as I am lying dead before you
The one thing running through my mind:
"Guess what, Daddy? I hate you, too."

You may find this sad,
However it's true.
Despite all the turmoil...
I'll never love you.

You make me wish to have never been born.
You make me feel like scum on the floor.
I feel that I can't even stand anymore.
So be glad: I'll be here no more!

I hope you love the sight of my blood
I hope you feel happy as you see my wrists.
I was going to do it that bath tub,
But I wanted my blood to be on your new rug.

So Daddy do you feel any remorse?
Do you miss me in the least?
I guessed that answer would be no:
You never could feel anything, you beast.