Gabriel. My Guardian Angel

When the dark is here
and the delight has gone,
You've always been there
to be my morning sun.

You make me smile,
You make me ache.
But, to be with you.
That I can take.

You know that I love you,
you know I care.
And I hope you know
that I'll always be there.

I'll hold your hands in the rain.
And stay with you through all the pain.
I'll kiss you 'till the night awakes
I'll keep you here.
Though forever it takes

You've held me close in your arms
and kissed me goodnight
And forgave me through all the trials
and all the fights

You love me no matter what
and I do too to you.
I'll do this until the end of time
for eternity, you have no clue.

You're smiles make me happy.
And your laugh makes my day.
Since you took all the words outta me,
I miss you, and I love you is all I've gotta say.

I love you Gabe.

Cine <3