Choke on your reminiscence. Rewind the day.
Close your eyes just to open them again.
Inhale the lie you exhaled. No one returns from the dead.
Not even lost innocence. No matter what the prayers say.

Deafen the silence. Your un-whispered whispers are too loud.
A solemn smile – make a promise just to break it again.
Un-touch the reddened skin. Un-inflict the pain buried deep within.
Erase the scarring violence. Screams are not allowed.

Un-break the broken hourglass, minutes dancing in a music box. Redeem the unredeemed.
Free the despairing heart just to smother it in flames again.
Un-kiss the longing lips, un-speak the words. Undo the collision of the two distorted worlds.
Stop the time slipping away from a thousand clocks. Merciless. Eternity is no longer what it seemed.

… Lies are forgotten the very second they are screamed.


Bruises, reddened from the sin,
They stay
An enemy – invincible.
And memories of past are no longer usable,
Clinging to the decomposing eternity from within.

Undo, please, undo.