Daddy's little dead girl.

Daddy's Little Dead Girl

Lock the door, turn off the light,
Grab the gloves, grab the kinife,
Grab the flashlight to break the night.
Extinguish a dead life.

Point me to the graveyard,
Don't forget to grab the rope.
Knock out the night guard,
I'll strip her of all the hope.

Hang her by her neck to die,
Kill all her tomorrows.
Just look at her - What a pathetic lie -
Golden locks and fake sorrows.

The fine pieces of you scattered on the ground,
Grab the shovel, an unmarked grave, a deep dark hole,
So her remains will never be found.
Trust me, you will never again be whole.

After the funeral, dig up her bones,
I wanna kill her again,
Her death will cure the hatred and disdain,
I will bury daddy's little dead girl under the rose.

I can't believe I was once You,
Golden locks, angel face and a tiny heart left hollow.
One person with the faces of two,
One will die for the other's tomorrow.

Daddy's little dead girl is all gone,
All that's left - White bones covered in silent dirt,
And like she has always wanted - She's left alone,
To bade in her fake mirth.

Ha - ha - ha ! Daddy's little dead girl is nothing but white bones,
Ha - ha - ha ! Daddy's little dead girl is gone under the rose.