Of Yellow Brick Roads And Prom Queens

Of Yellow Brick Roads And Prom Queens

She lies on the school's bathroom floor,
Blood soaked hair and a goodbye note.
Every time they lied to her - she was eager for more.
Her last words - Vote for me - She wrote.

She's a prom queen and there she reigns - consumed by her own past,
Devoured by her own fears.
With the fake vaseline smile that didn't last,
'Cuz in the end she was drowned in her own tears.

One of the blonde Dorothies who followed the yellow brick road
And got caught in the web of their own lies,
One of those who love to gloat.
All she's left are fake smiles and ignorant glassy eyes.

Her prom night - Not in a limo, but in a hearse -
The prom queen who dared to fall-
Gotta give her credit for that - She's still clutching onto her $100purse.
Laid in a cascet and covered with a pall.

Instead of living a lie in utter bliss,
She chose to die.
Instead of leaving a trail - She will be the one no one will ever miss.
Just another pretty lie.