I cant feel you here,
cant feel you breathing down my neck
You're so far away, not even a touch
and with everything wrong weve done,
all the things felt so correct

Your heartbeat pulses through my shivering skin
I take everything like you have, pride, envy, lust... Accept it.
Were all just a unholy, mortal sin

Skip through the dandy lion patches as Delilah and Samson did
but change the truth of their untrue, emotionless life that became so horrid
unlike them, ill stick with you for the end time, or at least til the end of my life
as long as you promise to let me hold your hand through the pain and the endless, corossive strife

You're not here right now, beside me, holding onto my waist
but one day, that beautiful day, ill be staring at you, at your wonderous face.
We'll be together, finally, after all these endless years.
My eyes will water, not from pain, but for the happiness i feel inside me, being shed by my tears

Apart we are, and apart we'll be
until we're one, and until im your bride, i wont be able to be set free...........

Cine <3