I am innocent
A new face in the world
A woman smiles to me
And holds me close
She's warm and loving
Are all people like this?
There is no evil in the world today
My first smile

I am new
No more than a month old
The woman, my mama
She smiles, and I grin
Her fingers tickle my feet
I'm happy and smile,
Happy sounds leave my mouth
My first laugh

I am young
My first years in school
Another comes to me
And smiles at me
Their hand reaches out
Welcoming and caring
I smile and take it
My first friend

I am juvenile
Years have come and gone
She looks to me
And her smile is warm
I look down, I can't look at her
My face feels red
Her hand covers mine
My first crush

I am teenage
High school years greet me
She looks to me again
I wave and she comes over
Warming my body with her embrace
She looks at me, her green eyes shining
And our lips touch
My first kiss

I am mature
My college career has started
Her voice is sullen
And her eyes tearing
I caress her hand
But she tears it away
She runs off, and I am alone
My first heartbreak

I am adult
Real life has hit me hard.
There is evil in this world
The evil my mother kept from me
But I find a reason
A reason to keep my faith
And she's it.
My first love