Hide And Seek


Time is passing by with every minute but she is still standing in front of the mirror.
Her hair is a mess as well as her appearance. The black eyeliner is all over her face, mixed with dried tears. Her green eyes are mixed with fear and curiosity.
Sitting down in front of this big mirror makes all the memories coming back.

“You have to fit in… you know you have to. Fit in or you will be a fool, such a fool, like you always are…”

She tries to get rid of these voices, shaking her head violently. The girl in the mirror might not be pretty, but she has a mind of her own. Her clothes are average just like everything else. She doesn’t want to change but the voices won’t let go of her.
They are occupying her mind, telling her the same thing day by day:

“For fitting in you have to be like them. Dress like them, act like them. There is no space left for individuality.”

They force you to be like them, otherwise you are recognized as a failure, not worth to talk to, not worth to be looked at. Like soldiers they are a part in the main parade. Everyone has a place and a task. If you refuse to join they come and get you. You are pushed into the corner, face to face with this evil grin. Once they have touched you, you are infected. No way to escape. She struggles and cries and tries to run away but in the end they will find her, pushing her back into the main parade, where everyone is the same.

“Join or you are left out. Join or you will be haunted. Join or we make your life the living hell. We chase you, threat you, hurt you. We are everywhere. In every book, the magazines, on TV, in the movies…We are even in your head. We make you see things with different eyes. We are shallow creatures and turn you into one too. Whatever you decide on, we made this decision for you. We take away your rights and make you feel miserable every time you have to face us. We turn you into a failure without a soul. We kick you while you are screaming for escape from the top of your lungs; we curse you, insult you till you are squirming on the floor and in the end we have got your soul. The soul which describes your individuality, your personality, your creativity… we have got you.”

Her eyes are wandering down to her top: Black top with a big print in the front. Her friends would call it totally “in fashion”. Her pants, the Converse, the jewellery, her hair, the purse, the make-up…everything is “in fashion”. A frustrated sigh is escaping from her mouth, leaving no doubt in what misery she is in.
The voices are right:

“Now she is a part of the main parade. The change was successful and it went by slowly without everyone notice.”

Slowly she is walking back to her spot in the parade, facing all the others who have lost even the last piece of their originality.

Be careful… They are omnipresent and if you don’t pay attention, peer group pressure is getting you too.