For My Grandad (F) 2001

You Lived Life With A Bible In Hand,
Now God Wants You In His Land.
No Matter How Hard We Try To Hold Our Tears,
Thoughts Run By For All These Years.

Now As We Weep, For All Thats Lost,
We Should Remember The Good At All Costs.
Many People Gather To See You To Rest,
And To Reminisce Of Your Face, At The Best.

We Loved Your Smile And Your Lovely Eyes,
Now the Lord Has Carried You, Upto The Skies.
We Pray For You To Be Safe And Well,
Despite The Turmoil Of Our Own Personal Hell.

You Are Protected Now, From This World,
Safe In God's Peaceful After-world.
We Show Our Respects And I Show Mine,
In This Poem, Grandad, I'll Love You 'Til The End Of Time.