For Fin

A little angel lives in a life of spite
To get out of it she would fight with all her might

Life isn't what she wanted it to be
All she wants is to be alive and free

Being an angel she always did what she was told
Her hands always held all they can hold

Never a thanks from the devils around
She held like her arms were bound

Trapped In the land of despair
She thought no one could care

A little boy came and sat next to her for a while
The only thing he ever asked for her is to smile

Places his hand over her heart
Noticed her heart was torn apart

It wasn't much it was all he had to give
Took out a little paper heart and hoped she would live

Placed it over her empty chest with an open hand
Looked at her hoping she would mend

The paper heart dug into her skin
Maybe now her healing could begin

She started to bleed like a flood
It dug in deep and soaped up the blood

It swelled up and started beating
She closed her eyes with heavy breathing

She had a heart once more
A feeling she can no longer ignore

With smile on her face she opened up her eyes
She was all alone, just the empty skies

the little boy was gone
But she didn’t' feel alone

Even without him she kept the feeling he had shared
From that day she knew there was someone who truly cared