As I hold,
My life in my hand,
The trigger is at a stand.

As I weep,
And cry,
I fear for my life,
That hides inside.

I hear a blow,
As I hit the floor,
My life is gone,
Forever more.

The pain,
Inside is gone,
As I feel nothing,
At all.

To see the ones,
Who love me cry,
A strange feeling happens inside.
I regret taking my life.
For I didn’t know,
How people loved me so.

My blood that now runs,
On the floor,
Seeing them wonder,
What would happen,
If they had stopped me,

Not knowing,
How I felt inside,
Crying, Dying,
The pain that was hiding.

Wishing they’d stopped it,
Before the blow.
Now knowing forever more,
That the red blood,
Belongs to the one on the floor,
That hurt long before.