I can’t see the day
Through dusty night skies
Your beautiful face darkened by never-ending shadows

The stars don’t leave a glimmer of hope
We’re in a haze of gloom
The life in your eyes is faded and dim
Every time I walk by, they’re all dead
Asleep, love and life gone from their spirit
As if they had one to begin with.

I know it’s not real
Then why can’t I tear my eyes away?
If only I didn’t hurt
If only I could ever walk away

The pixies and faeries no longer dance by the fire
In your eyes
You’ve smothered it with your tears
I can’t put you back together again

I feel as if I were the only one in this sun-less world
We’ve all been drained by the evil in us
Greed sucked your organs dry
Your spirit tainted with green
You are no longer the one I once knew

Empty inside, the world continues to cripple the weak
Destroying the strong
No one left to save you

My story may be long over
My heart may be long dead
My spirit may be long gone
But my love will stay true and strong.