Saint James Lutherman Cemetery

I watch as I sit atop my favorite tomb
the shadows creeping up, the morbid gloom
the clouds eat the sun, the last rays of light
I smile and say, "A rainstorm in sight..."

This is my favorite place to be
where I can relax, no longer angry
where I'm surrounded by friends, they watch and they listen
they dont distract me and my futile wishing...

A gentle drizzle washes my face
it stains the headstones in my favorite place
the quiet replaced by an even greater sound
if only the rain could keep my thoughts down...

... Im angry, Im sad, Im feeling very bad ...
Im upset and hurt, I think Im going mad ...
Im lonely, obsessed with something I'll never attain ...
I hate this life... but I sure love this rain...

The rain is deluging, transforming the earth
its washing away, the soil now gives birth
to a to a dark shape, a box, it must be a coffin
Im excited, I never get to see my friends often...

More of my friends emerge from their graves
as if crawling their way out of a damp and cold cave
I watch this spectacle, safe from the flood on my perch
I hear something stirring, something new is about to emerge

Its coming from the room thats inside this tomb
Im actually frightened of what ahead looms
I have a feeling that this is not just a flood
from the door something whispers, chilling my blood...

"Youre full of sorrow and solitude, youre angry at life
you think this is forever, you welcome deaths scythe
dont worry my friend, nothing is for sure
but I empathize with the pain you endure..."

The rain is forming a river, similar to the one in my mind
should I believe this, that I can leave this behind?
Or should I keep going down my current path?
Can I comprehend the unknown aftermath?

The river is rapid, still the dead take a swim
with no fear of mother nature tearing them limb from limb
for them theres no question, for them theres no fear
to them my doubts and I arent even here

"You can do it, I know, I have seen you grow up
from a frightened boy to a man brave and tough
you can take it, I know it, you wont die alone
so come on and get up, you cant live in my home..."

"I would like to believe you but I like my road
I appreciate the company but my life is my own
I love it here, Im unable to leave it
I wish you were right.... but I just cant believe it..."

The all-knowing prescence seemed to slip away
the now roaring wind made the thickest trees sway
the coffins floated down a newly formed swell
it was now so dark that no shadows fell

"You come here too?" The voice startled me
I whipped around, not knowing what to see
oh great, I was looking up at a stranger
right now, in the drowned heat of this storms anger

"Yeah," I muttered, "what are you doing here?"
She laughed when she should be frozen with fear
"This place is so much better than in my old town,
and I love this weather, this is the best spot I've found"

I stared and she laughed, I didnt notice before
the eyes on the face of the stranger I thought I'd abhor
theyre bathed in black make-up, running wet in the rain
I swallowed and asked, "You, whats your name?"

"My name is Scarlet, well, its what I like to be called,
what about you? Do you ever speak at all?"
"I try not to," I answered, she grins
"Well, whats your name?" And the story begins...

Hours and hours of sitting atop that tomb in sweet silence
my favorite place to go to escape lifes noisy violence
the rain settles down, we watch my busy friends
as they bury themselves, not wanting this to end

"I guess I should go," she moves from my shoulder
I gaze at her beauty, just wanting to hold her
I guess the denizen of this building was really right
that even this life could still be alright...

"Once more tomorrow?" She asks as she waves
every flick of her wrists, the blissful shivers they gave
"I'll see you then!" I grin as the sun shines anew,
"Saint James Lutherman Cemetery," she leaves, "where I found you..."