When Rain Turns Red

It Seems To Me The Thunder Isnt Only Hovering Above My Head.
When Its One Of Those Days That Make You Wish It Would All End,
When You Dig Far Enough Into A Drawer That You Cant See Past Your Sleeves.
Until Your Fingers Run Over The Cold Edge They're So Accustomed To.

When You Can Shut Your Door To Open Up.
To Let Go Of All The Feelings Blocked Up In Your Mind,
As Though With Each Clean Slash, Another Pent Up Emotion Breaks Out.
Dedicating Each One To A Problem. Saying It Repeatedly Through Stifled Sobs.

Until You Lay Back, And Sigh. Even Smile.
Realising That All The Crap From That Day Was Gone.
Washed Away By The Rain, The Cleansing Rain.
Soul Cleansing.

The Rain That Turns Red. The Rain Made When The Single Blade Can Push Through Layers Of Pent Up Emotion And Escape...