Hiding in the Exosphere

I'm on my back, I think I'm through
Just staring at the sky so blue
Watching the sunlight scatter into-
All of the clouds that remind me of you

Sadly I know I'll stay stuck here
Sitting in the Troposphere
Thinking with my head unclear
Thinking of times turning gears

I just want to leave my fears
Leave them in the Stratosphere
Leave them so my head is clear
And grow brighter as the sun grows near

And I'd break into the Mesosphere
I'd forget every earth-bound year
Fly through the meteors then disappear
Fly from all those human jeers

I'm an aurora in the Ionosphere
Finally, I'm light and the source of cheer
Finally, I'm beautiful and free from fears
No more body, I don't need tears

Its hotter as my ions spear-
and break past the lonely Thermosphere
Almost free from the Earths atmosphere
Almost free but then you're near...

I see you all the way up here
Hiding in the Exosphere
Holding onto thoughts so dear
Holding onto your old tears

You followed me up to the stars
You saw through all my earthly scars
My old body that resembled Mars
And now the universe can and will be ours

We can slip away from this troubled Earth
We can forget all of our strife from birth
When your smile was all that was worth-
holding on when there was no mirth

Floating through all of outer space
My eyes watch your serene face
I think I finally found my place
Drifting with your silent grace

Alone with our two lone souls
We could fly through suns, through young black holes
Drift forever without knowing goals
As long as you are there for me to hold

We could dance on each of Saturn's rings
With sunlight as our only wings
The stars would twinkle, gleam, and sing
This is our heaven, we share nothing

We could sit in all of Jupiter's storms
Take on any extraterrestrial forms
And eventually leave this system, leave our norm
And for light years keep each other warm

We could float towards whatever waits beyond
Our souls have no need to speak or respond
We just watch the darkness and starlight as they correspond
This is our magic, we don't need a wand...

Down my throat, Earth's air goes through
And suddenly all I see is blue
I recognized the sunlight before it withdrew
And my body did not lay next to you...

I realize my soul did not leave here
I'm still sitting in the Troposphere
Trying to return to the dream so dear
Trying to evade my human fears...

But I remember all the way up there
The sun and stars tantalizing stare
And I remember how we were a pair
It felt so real, so real... I swear...

So I'll look for you all the way up here
Hiding in the Exosphere
When our time to go finally draws near
Will you hold on to me as dear?

Would you forget with me and run away-
On our final earth-bound day
Or forget me and wish to stay
Turn your back with no delay

But I CANNOT forget the atmosphere
Whether with or without you near-
That's where I'll be, free of tears
That's where my mind will stay for years...