Angels Dream of Being Human

Through the forest, leaves so green
over stones, under birds that sing
Im moving towards this unreal thing
some anomaly, something never seen

A scarlet angel bearing wings of blood-
attacks me with his eyes, the flood-
out of control, it festers and seethes
slitting my throat before it takes its leave

Am I awake or am I dreaming?
Am I alive or is my soul gleaming-
upon the eyes of a dark grim reaper
its vicious scythe is my souls keeper

Opening my eyes, I feel so light
a pink-winged beauty enters my sight-
smiling at me, I feel so warm
but her bright eyes still seemed so forlorn

When I sit up shes already gone
I sit up and already feel wrong
I have to ask her why her eyes were so hollow
So I get on my feet, breathe deeply, and follow

In a clearing I see her kin
another angel is fighting his sin
though hes much more mellow that his scarlet brother-
Im still frightened by his stare, still smothered

A gray-winged angel, a soul so bleak-
stares back at me, I feel so weak
the sky follows him, heaven falls down
releasing the burdens in which we all drown

The rain is all that he has to say
the only thing he has to convey
so Im leaving him to keep his demons at bay
before I drown in the rain, I can slip away

I move out of the forest and onto a field-
flanked by a mountain, the craggy cliff yields-
to a rain-waterfall, giving birth to a lake
and through my blurred vision I see something shake

A blue-winged angel from a much lighter sky-
curses himself, his sorrows wont die
curses himself, every night and all days
curses my presence, he has nothing to say

Past the mourner, past all his pain-
I enter a cave, saved from the rain
and in the soft darkness I conjure a fire-
the will to push through it, all I need is desire

I found a dim light within the caves bowels
the only path towards it around newly sprung howls
I swallow my fear and approach what I know-
is another kin angel, out of place this low

A black-winged angel was lost in the dark
lost himself to his own broken heart
lost his light, wings once bright as the sun
forgotten their beauty after whatever hes done

And around the dark angel I see the sky
the cave brought me closer, the clouds still so high
I approach one more angel, this one seems calm
and boldly I ask him what the Hell went so wrong

"Angels, supposed beings from above,
why are you like this? Devoid of all love?
This isnt right, theres no cure for the pain?
Is there nothing else out there besides us and the rain?"

The white-winged angel rests composed-
watching the horizon, as if no one knows-
where the moon rests its head before the sun rose-
where the dead rest their souls before the wind blows

His dark and light eyes lock onto mine
his envious gaze explains the divine
telling me why even theyre not content
why even their wings cant prevent their descent

"Angels dream of being human...."
even with all our delusions
all our faults and damn confusion
they wish their wings were an illusion...

"Angels wish to be like me...?"
It gets lighter, soon he leaves
Gone on to a place beyond all the seas
Gone with no trace, so... was this a dream?