Another Nomad Soul

Nothing but blackness, dark all around
even my ears do not betray any sound
resting in the silent night, I dont wanna be found
or awake, back to life, and once again be earthbound

The scene becomes clear, the setting a small darkened hill
a million stars gleam above, the wind blows without chill
there are small signs of society but the mood wont be killed
I can brood undisturbed, the space beside me unfilled...

Deeply I sigh, watching the glowing sky
a small glowing cloud lazily floats by
lazily I stand, deciding I can fly
amazingly I do, now Im too amazed to cry

The ground slips away, now far beneath my feet
the lights below are much more modest, how far until I meet-
this stray, wayward being? Its loneliness entreats
companionship is fleeting, and not very often it greets-
Another Nomad Soul before it can feel complete...

Approaching the friendly giant, I assume my throne
the wind is angry up here, but I do not fear its moans
conquering the gale, I rest in the peace just newly grown
the cloud is soft but too cold, and I still feel alone...

Back into thought, the giant floating aimlessly
I sit thinking of her, wishing almost shamelessly
dreaming up rhymes, dreams of life written namelessly
it is cold enough that my heart can beat almost painlessly

Looking below, the lights of society still shine
even these puny stars- surpassed above- by far surpass mine
I laugh when I think of the lie that we are all entwined
hypothermia settles in when the wind resumes its whine

The colder I become, the more I think about her
but these thoughts make it worse, theyre not making me warmer
I wonder if- I wonder why- God, Im so unsure
I wish I knew before I died how close we really were...

I think about the world and how it still goes on
undisturbed, unchanged, as if Im not even gone
I hid my truths from all of them for so very long
its funny, I lost my mind, but nothing at all went wrong

Especially for her, her life remains the same
as if Im not up here watching, fighting feelings I cant restrain
examining the hole that cant be filled by family, friends, or fame
these feelings, all too real, are always driving me insane...

Its freezing all the way up here, and even colder within
I still feel alone without her near, the frozen tears will not begin
I cannot help but wondering, what to do with all these sins?
I fall into a final frozen slumber, I cant go home again...

Now my shred of life is moving away, I still sit here in my seat
the lights below are fading, the darkness above I gladly greet
my sad soul grows colder, with no sun, no source of heat
seconds go by and I feel older, now itis Death that entreats-
my companionship, my soul, so old, finally gets its final treat
Another Nomad Soul cant make my heart feel complete...


(The scary thing is... I still dont wanna wake up...)