Last November.

bringing myself closer to an edged insanity
I'm due for a breakdown
anytime soon
I've brought my mask back
and I'm hiding behind what's supposed to be
what is
is more of a play on what was
when everything should be great
I'm addicted to my fantasies
a touch could bring tears to my eyes
as if
its never happened before
I could be
I should be
I wish I was
I wish I were
"I's" and "wants" fill everyday drama
with useless lies
make me feel special
the way they tell me things
will you
could you
can you
accept the way I truly am?
and not the way you've perceived me?
can you understand
that I'm not what you think I am?
that maybe
there's more than one could possibly thing
stealing lines from greater things
don't walk in front of me
I may not follow
don't walk behind me
I might not lead.