Camera, Camera.

We’re on the side of a multi mass suicide
if I fall
bury the city with our screams
and a harmonic way of aversion
see me now
in true capacity and in the way of truth
wake up, wake up
hear me now
we’re all burning out of control
write down a series of clichés
in order of least to least then
greatest to greatest
feel me now
I’m the one on the left
With the heart on the sleeve
And the eyes shot red
bring all your new friends
we’ve been warring with the larger demographic
for longer than we can count
voice ringing out
sophistication was something left to
be desired
we may have faked our desire
but we’ve kept a shoulder under our heads
shots in the world
put downs are your fuel;
our demise.

Iunno if this is any good, but
for the moment I like it. so that's
a good sign, yes?