Kiss the Black Angel

I met her in a cemetery, the sky was dark, the sun was setting
I met her and my life changed, there is no way I'll be forgetting-
the sight of her as she caressed the statue with her shaking lips
I watched her take on mysteries, I saw her risking a full eclipse-
of all the light she has ever known, she was a crazy little fool
but I am sure, I know, if I was her, I would be taking that risk too

Kiss the Black Angel and maybe your heart will cease to beat
lick the rugged stone, maybe your demise will be so sweet
take a look at her black soul, she is much more than just a sculpture
she is the source of a myth, underlying all our dank sepulchers
she is a legend in all our paranoia and superstitions
and she is always speaking to us, our fault is we don't listen

The crazy little fool and I quickly became good friends
drawn by our kindred spirits to this graveyard that transcends-
mortality, reality, the Black Angel made amends-
for the life she has almost stolen, her cold stone heart extends

Our spirits can leave behind the earth and all it's tombs-
to take on our separate futures, ignoring how they loom-
unfriendly and unsure ahead, will we all explode or bloom-
into what we're here to be? Removing our costumes

Whatever the ending, we'll be warm as the world around gets cold
and we will stay young forever as the whole world frowns and gets old
the Black Angel and her casualties are not the victims here,
we're the ones that were saved, whether our souls are far or near
we're the ones truly living, no matter how we may appear...