Even Angels Need A Guardian

He sits in his window, watching the rain,
Drawing an angel bearing a familiar face,
The drawing that’s so full of emotions he can’t describe
Emotions he didn’t know excised in his mind
Bitterness, vulnerability, torment… patience.
All so agonisingly painful to the heart.
He draws the suffering in her eyes
That contrasts with her relaxed body.
Tears spill over her soft cheeks show dismay,
Yet her face is so tranquil and composed.
Her wings, wrapped about the body
For comfort and protection
Or a way to hide from what’s reality?
He knows this person, he feels her pain.
It’s the girl who walks by his side, day in, day out.
The girl who fakes her inner-feelings from everyone.
He sees it though. He sees the agony she feels.
When she laughs it doesn’t reach her eyes.
When she smiles, he knows she wants to cry.
He loves the way she tries to confide, but hesitates,
The way she holds his hand in excitement,
The way she holds his body close for reassurance.
She’s his angel. He’s her guardian.