If only...

It crushes me to see you the way they’ve left you,
I want to save you but you need to help me,
Even though you don’t want to save yourself.
I won’t give up on you even if it takes you forever.

I’ll pick you up when you’re down,
Support you when you need it.
Take it all away when it becomes too hard.
I’ll be there for you.

There are so many things I want you to know,
But you won’t listen for you don’t want to hear me.
There are so many things I want you to see,
But you won’t look for you don’t want to see me.

If only we could go back to what we used to be,
Best friends who laughed, who cried,
It didn’t matter as long as we were together,
Because we were all that mattered.

Without even noticing, your pain reflects into me.
If only I’d be able to show you what we could be,
Without you there is no us together.
If only you’d pay attention to me.