Superfluous Green Monster.

second place
runner up
back in line
move it up
glorified magnification

smooth over the lines
and fill them with your imminent happiness
you've got this go lucky attitude
and the way of the movement
the sidewalk rises higher
when you walk across

i've got competition
and i'm falling down
failing at epic
if i could
i would
if i should
i would

you're my runaway thought
i'll mimic you're no where everywhere
a light bulb
to your conversations

have you ever felt so boring
as i have in so many cases
your humor is more than i can meet
i've alienated myself to something i can no longer match

i'm surly; far too burly
change is palpable
but won't you believe me
when i say everything is okay?

colour me green with envy.
words pour smoothly from your mouth
smooth over the crevices in the paper
further bringing out the green monster

i've always wanted to be like you.
can't you see that by now?

maybe this is why our online friendship fell away?
because i was jealous.
i believe so.
forgive me.
i lied to you, but i didn't want your answer.
i knew what it was anyway. sorry. <33