Written In Blood.

There Is A Poison In My Veins,
A Poison We Call Emotion.
Like A Worm It Twines Through My Blood,
Swimming For New Freedom.

Dodging RazorBlades Like Bullets,
With Each Slice A Gunshot Made.
Another Smoking Barrel,
Another Slice Of The Blade.

Blood Running Down My Fingertips,
Tears Dripping Down My Cheeks.
I Wonder How It Got This Bad?
How Is It That I Have Tears Left To Bleed?

The Truth Is But An Opinion,
The Feeling's - Worthless Emotions.
Nothing Left To Talk About,
But So Much Left To Say.

To Drown In The Venom,
Of So Many Forked Tongues.
To Choke On The Tears,
Of Another Long Lost Love.

But Instead Of Crying Out A Tale,
I Etch Out A Story.
And Each Line A Sentence,
It Hides So Many Words I'd Kill To Scream.

And For Each Cut Deeper Than Before,
I Cry A Little Less.
The Superficial Scratches Hold No Meaning,
The Openings To The Soul Are Emotionally Healing.

A Scream For Help With No Words,
A Letter Written In Crimson Ink.
There Is A Poison In My Veins,
Because Of Which I Slowly Sink...