Why do we attemt so diligently
to become just like everybody else
when it has been everyone else
who have broken us?

To Imitate the clones
who have aciditated
the truths of our individuality

It is worth altricating
the compilation
of our cohesive upgrowth
to become a partal portion
of just another porcelain soul?
to only finish the journey
without foreshadowing of the destination?

To those who have yes learned
to comprehend the necessity
of our being, yes.
And to those who have understood
the capital of human existance, no.

Only a few have sought
for their inital identity
what more the permanent?
and less have been concluded
triumphant in their pilgramage

we all opt to imitate
this abstruse conquest bound by assylums
yet this thou is also a hypocracy
on its own account

Our individuality requires
a great division of sorrow and delight
eah's persistence toppling one another
to acheive ultimate supremacy
yet may not surpass the opposition's
limitations and ruralties

When shall we be able
to brush the mere aura
of this song that has yet
to be spoken by the masses?
And unravel the mystery
we have believed
to know as I?