One Less

It’s that one feeling right before the bridge;
Before you dare yourself to jump,
And leave the world behind to fall into empty oblivion.
That little sliver of doubt in your mind;
When you question what could go wrong
When they find your body; the sad vision of a victim.

It’s that feeling right before the blade;
Before you dare yourself to feel the bite of metal on skin,
And leave the world in a puddle of crimson red.
That voice that shouts in your brain,
And jump starts the rush of adrenaline to your nerves,
Hushing the craving to snip the last thread.

It’s that feeling right before the speeding bullet;
Before you dare yourself to pull the trigger and end the pain,
And quiet the screams of a raging world.
The nagging doubt that someone could care,
And in the split second of listening to a still-beating heart,
Life seems a little less cruel and somehow transformed.

It’s that feeling right before the ‘one more’;
Before you dare yourself to drink away the last pill,
And spread poison through your body to numb the pain.
The persistent screams enter your brain,
Alert your senses to the increasing danger in the fog
That’s robbing life from your every single vein.

The moment right before the kill makes you think the hardest
About how you will be missed and who truly cares,
And then as your last dieing breath whispers out, you see.
There’s more to life than meets the eye,
And if the blood in your veins was spilled across the pavement,
You’ve already made your final plea.

You only wanted to be noticed, to be loved,
Is that really such a crime?
Yes, when it comes at the cost of a life,
I believe we could’ve saved you in time.

Saved you from yourself and the pain you wanted to inflict, not only on yourself, but pain that was mean to torture everyone you know and those you didn’t. The sad story of a depressed teen who saw suicide as an escape splashed across the news the next morning. Oh the tears it would’ve caused, the heartache of a nation as it grieved the unnecessary death of another soul. One less. You could be the one less; save the pain.