I Love youu i love youu soo much
I never want us to end me and youu forever
Thats what i promised but now theres another
I guess there always has been but i never thought about it before
Now i cant say forever i can only say i dont know
Most of all the word that will always come up is 'Sorry'

I cannot choose im stuck inbetween, i love youu both and i always will
So many thoughts are running through my mind but which one to choose
For i have to be one hundered perrcent sure, if not i will just be stuck once more
I'm standing at a fork in the middle of the path which way , Left or Right?
I take a step to the left and a gush of wind blows, telling me not to go
One to the right and rain starts to pour, which way to go confusing me more

So how will i ever decide....... -.-

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