"Best Friend"

So you ditch the girl with the crooked smile,
For the whore thats as smart as a nailfile.
You lie,
And you fake,
Just so you don't have to hang out with her
The loser.
Your self proclamed "best friend".
The one who's always there for you in the end.
You treat her like shit,
And yet she still loves you to bits.
It's you she defends,
And on her you depend.
And you can't repay the favor.
Your such a fake,
The worst kind of player.
It's her you share your dreams and your fears.
And she's the only one who actually cares.
She would do anything for you.
So she looks over your flaws and still answers your late night calls.
Still listens to your problems,
And does her best to solve them.
She would cry for you.
Lie for you,
Die for you,
And how do you thank her?
You don't.
And yet she still cares.
Amazing isnt it?