This feeling I feel, it can’t be love.
I feel a ripping at my heart as you walk away,
I feel empty as you take my soul with you.
You’re committing a silent murder.
As you look back and smile,
You know you’re making it worse.
You’ve dug my grave, and now,
Now it’s time for you to commit your crime.
I love you, but I thought you loved me too,
Although it seems to be yet another lie you make.

Standing on my heart, you crushed what’s left.
You set me up on the tallest building,
Then tore it down as quickly as you built it up.
As you leave me alone and broken
I know you’re doing things to her,
Things I can only wish you’d do to me.
You’re probably doing the same to her
As you’ve done to me; romance, hugs, kisses.
I want to warn her, but this green beast,
The green beast they call jealously,
It’s taken over every ounce of me.