Stop Lying To Me.

Tell me you've stopped with all the old ways.
Tell me you've changed straight to my face.
When you do it, look me in the eyes.
The baby blues I inherited from you.

But don't call me up just to tell me,
That everything's different now,
That everything will be better,
If it's all just a fucking lie.

You told me you stopped drinking,
You told me you stopped smoking,
You told me there was no more weed,
And the entire time, I believed every word.

But two weeks ago, Big Brother asked if I had weed,
Or if I could somehow get ahold of some,
Just so him and you could get together,
And smoke it.

And a few nights later, you came barging in,
Screaming at the top of your lungs,
Because your father spun a lie,
And you were too drunk to find out the truth.

When you called to apologize the next night,
I heard the slur in your speech.
I never knew it before these last few weeks,
But when you drink, you get a lisp.

Hallowe'en night came and I get a call from Big Brother,
Saying you needed a ride home
'cause you couldn't even walk straight,
And I heard you in the background.

So, when you decide to tell me you've changed,
That the old ways are gone for good,
And the new ones are here to stay,
Daddy, don't say it to my face.

I'm tired of all your fucking lies and all your promises.
If you can't make yourself better,
For the sake of your family,
Then don't fucking bother at all.

Daddy, don't tell me what you want,
'cause I know it won't happen.
You don't want to change,
So you never will.