I Want To *** You

The first moment I saw you,
I thought heaven dropped
and encrusted the earth
with pulchritudinous
angels detailed amidst
the modulation of children's
whispers and screams.

I tried to tell you so many
times that I knew you are
That you can change the
world and one by one or
two by two or however you
The way you observe life excretes
my negativity out of my eyes, even
when you're at your darkest
because that would only mean I
learned your eyes.

Your eyes are like mirrors
focusing on every single little
thing that no one really cares
Your hands working as if you
were writing your last
testimony like your life
depended on it.

If God was real,
I'd bless the stars and
count the number of times
I could spell your name
written in the sky just to
thank Him for you.

You are the harbor to this ship.
A safe docking.
Diamonds in the sky.
A window to the reflection
between us.
The hole in the bottom of
The mirror to my disguise.
The screw in this ship.
Magnets off opposite ends
of the world, but somehow
come together like the pieces
we need to complete this
puzzle together and forever.

I want to fuck you in the bottom of
this ship like the magnets in our hearts
are being reeled in by your safe
The golden sunrise and the splashes
of waves and tides in the cool
morning couldn't hold a contest to
what the bottomless pit in our
stomachs made us feel.
Unsullied and wholesome.

I want to stick my cock up your pussy
long and hard to feel you up, so we can
create our destiny together.
We can be on top of each other and play
dominatrix because I love the way you move.
I want to mark my territory into your uterus
to create life.
I want to bleed into your cervix and leave
pictures on how I intend us to be.
The cells we create-we'll teach and show
them how to love and live.
I want to breathe your life and wash your
sins white in the river.

I want to kiss you on the cheek and
dance with you in the moonlight
as if we every time we touched,
we would blank out on life and
thrust into each other simultaneously
in a spontaneous form of exploding
fireworks on the fourth of July.

I want to be your first and last
Your first and last fuck.
And your first and last look on

So, let me hold you as the
summer gets near.
Let me be your one and only.
Your eyes to what we may hold
in the future.
Your flame that never burns out,
even when you try to wash me away.
This fire will never exhaust because
my heart will always burn for desire
no matter what happens.

I know we will never be star-crossed
because these stars will be
favored by starry diamonds at night
reflected by eclipses of lovers not just
tonight, but eternity.

This ship won't cast away.
This ship won't miss the boat.
This ship won't submerge like the Titanic.

I know you'll never hear
these words because the last
time we saw each other, we
spoke nothing.
It was dead silent even though
we knew each one had
something to say to the other,
but we were too afraid to
of what one might think.
So, you left in a hurry in this
awkward mess of mistakes
and I just stood there staring
back at you, wondering
how did we get here.

As of today, I'm still trying to
break this silence with the
most flawless, right, and
perfect words to spill like
raindrops and red roses
to only you.