Ageless Timeless Face.

your face was so cold
agelessly wrinkled
creased around the folds

reminded me of candy
bittersweet memories
and cliche
my overused sayings

so full of conviction
were my words
so restless were
your ears

eager in waiting
going slow in the moments
ticking tocking clock

your stale eyes catch
the numbers of the
and hold on

you were my school
my foundation
my stable stability
how your face aged to

so ageless and
so timeless
but no longer a victim
of clear
grabbed by the hands
of age
you were gone

so fast you were gone
into the midst of something
so foreign to us

little children with their canes
grandparents on seesaws
just wish
to see them the same

your face
so timeless it was
it reminded me of a
rainbow disappearing
gone into the blue ensconcing

we can't remember the last
time we saw your voice
seen your laugh
heard your eyes
felt your sounds

its been so long since your
ageless wrinkles disappeared.

inspired by my grandpa's death
and Cyndi Laupers Time After Time
and True Colours. <33 (andthatswhyiloveyou).