Death is not easy to understand,
Though it happens to all of us,
Some die, and their spirits die too,
Others die and their spirit feels so much pain.

Death can be confusing,
We do not always know why it happens,
Why does death come to those who are good?
Or those who don't deserve to die?
Why does it not come to those who need to die?
The answer is simply time.

We all have a time to die,
Whether now, or in a couple years,
It comes eventually,
No one can hide from it,
For it lurks in every corner of the earth.

Death comes in many forms,
A bullet from a gun,
A poison from a drink,
A bomb in a plane,
Or even a disease from our friends.

We cannot run from death,
We cannot hide from it,
But we can accept it,
And live our lives like death will take us tomorrow,
If you do that, you'll never feel unhappy or sad for longer then a day.